A Direct Lender Specializing in Small-Balance Commercial Loans

We see value where others may not —
value in every property, every business, every borrower.

That’s because we specialize in small-balance commercial real estate lending; that’s all we do. Tell us about the loan you are seeking and we’ll find value by weighing the strengths of the property, it’s cash-flow and the borrower. You’ll have options with a small-balance direct lender who can see the uniqueness of every lending opportunity and if what we have to offer is right for you.

We’re business people. Cherrywood Commercial Lending, LLC, isn’t about checking the boxes. Our common-sense underwriting looks at the big picture. We see value in every property, business and borrower. We’re eager to hear the details about your client’s loan. Because we know that’s where value is found — in the details. And, we’re a small-balance direct lender so we can provide the flexibility and options that property and business owners require.

“Traditional lenders all had small, but different, issues for passing on our loan and I did not want to take the risk of going hard money. It was great to quickly close our purchase loan on the same terms as indicated up front.”
Nathan Friedman, Skyline Village Apartments, LLC
“You maintained a very positive and professional manner throughout the application process. This attitude was, to myself as a borrower, comfortable and reassuring.”
Gary J.

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We Listen. We Advise. We Fund.

A successful company operates on core beliefs.
At our core, Cherrywood Commercial believes that
property owners and investors are underserved
by narrow and inflexible banking guidelines.

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Don’t want to hunt down past tax returns?
No problem. Cherrywood Commercial has a
program for you so you don’t have to dig
through your record boxes in storage.

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Quality credit deserves quality rates.
Cherrywood Commercial has a goal to help Borrowers
attain lower cost financing where possible.

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Our loans come in all shapes and sizes. Given the uniqueness of the loan scenarios we encounter and lend on, we work with a wide array of loan sources. We fund non-standard loan scenarios and therefore many come through non-standard sources. Below are just a few of the associations and relationships we are proud to have established. If you would like to build a relationship with us, please let us know by contacting us at info@cherrywood.com. One of our employees will quickly contact you back to discuss how we can work together.